Olive Oil Can Do Wonders!

Olive Oil can do wonders:


Olive oil can do wonders! , literally!

It can heal thousands of ailments. Its the food of the foods, drug of drugs and the medicine of medicines!


I intend to write concisely. I wish the gallons of olive oil that people of dallas were blessed with must be utilised well.  To share as much info about this blessed oil as could in this small space. When one gets loads of this wonderful oil, many questions arise in ones mind.


Like for example “how much oil can I eat per day” or some people make big plans like “I will drink shots of olive oil and heal miraculously! ”


Guys its a blessing from the same God who has ordered us to be moderate in everything. Excess in any case is prohibited. So lets start with important queries.



But some amazing things, 3 miraculous healing incidents and some REALLY weird cures are waiting for you..

Firstly I must clear some queries. Never eat lots of olive Oil!.. Eating loads of oil only affects our lever. Also, first of all CONFIRM if the olive Oil you are going to use is 100 Percent pure?  Adulterated oils do more harm than good.


Now, Here comes the Delicious part!

7 Ways Your Olive Oil Can be Fun!




  1. Prepare a Mexican bread or Indian Roti. Get some hot tuna. Now put the sour yet tasty oil in a platter.
Olive Oil Can
Try olive oil infused tuna fish. You will never regret tasting it!



You can eat it with yummy Tuna and Bread as a sour ketchup. Dip the bread into it or sprinkle it on your grilled Tuna.

The blend tastes delicious!




2. Make a veggies roll. Offcourse with steamed vegetables and chunks of egg and chicken. Sprinkle some Olive oil in between.


Vegan Olive Oil Roll
Vegan Roll with olive Oil


Your Olive infused Veggie roll is ready to serve..!




3. Prepare chickpeas, red beans and lamb pieces with lots of greens. Sprinkle the blessed oil on top and enjoy the blend.


Olive Oil Can be Used to boost salad taste!
Olive oil and salad infusion








4. Want to get extra calories? Wanna gain good and healthy weight? You can add olive oil to your milkshakes to get healthy.



Milkshakes with olive oil
Olive Oil and Milk




5.Drink milk regularly with a tablespoon of olive oil in it daily. You will get an amazing skin complexion. Try it now and thank me later!




Olive and Milk Can Heal Your Skin
Many wonders of olive oil





6.Eat black seed a pinch daily! with honey to increase benefits. Also, If you eat black seed crushed into olive oil it turns into a miraclous remedy for many ailments.


You can heal!
A spoon of blessed liquid do wonders!




7.  Wanna cure Vitamin D deficiency the cool way? Soak 3 Figs after sunset in a glass filled half with olive oil (not plastic). Eat the figs next morning after dawn



This is one of the best natural cures for bone problems, vitamin D deficiency and arthritis.





Wait A Minute!



Hot and Cold foods combination:


According to natural medicine foods have warm or cold effects. Like cucumbers have a cold effect while dates are hot. Olive is a hot thing while watermelons are cold. Same way gourd is considered a cold food.

Always try to eat some cold effect foods like cucumbers,melons and watermelons to balance the temperature of food you eat. In Asia people drink kefir, lassi and ther yogurt based drinks in summers to kill the heat.

As promised earlier, I would love to share few miracles that happened with use of this blessed liquid you got gallons of!




Dream Cure: A miraculous healing incident


A person in a third world country was diagnosed with cancer. His cancer was on last stage. he was going to die soon. When he came to realise that he wept for nights and nights. One night he slept very distressed, hurt and weeping. He saw a dream.

He was shown a bottle of olive oil and chemo therapy equipment in the dream. When he awoke the next day, he bought olive oil. He started to drink olive oil daily. Also went to doctors for the therapy. He healed way fast. After two decades the doctor somehow met him. The man was in extraordinary health with a beautiful skin and complexion.



Second Incident : Burnt and skin disease but healed!


Once a doctor wrote ” I was on duty when some people brought a women who had a very critical skin infection. She was in a horrible condition. Nothing worked and her condition was deteriorating every hour. The doctor was shocked as no medicine was working.

Without wasting time he ordered the nurses to cover the skin of women with a mixture of olive oil and honey. He was well aware of the healing power of these superfoods. The women got better and started recovering. It took time but she healed!


 Raw foods have amazing effects on human skin too. An amazing piece on Raw Food Combinations that heal.  

The Handsome Hulk


Once a group of soldiers were going to attack a far away place. On their way, one of the sldiers got injured and fell ill. They could not carry him towards the battlefield so they left him in a valley with some food.

Time passed, after some months they returned. When they were passing through the sam evalley they saw something unique. A very handsome man with a very fair complexion and amazingly beautiful color and skin. The man appeared very very strong as he had a very wellbuilt physique.

The commander shouted and asked hey man who are you? Surrender!

The handsome men laughed and said. Hey i am the soldier you left injured. All soldiers were amazed upon this answer.

They asked him to tell what happened in these months that changed him into a mighty handsome man.

He started ” When you left after some days the food finished. I searched for food but there was nothing in this valley. the only thing I could find was honey. This valley contained a lot of honey hives. I kept eating only honey till this day. I dont know what has happened but I feel very good and healthy”.




Some more Wonders that Olive Oil Can Do!



Oil Pulling: Oil pulling using Olive Oil has numerous benefits. It detox the body and stomach. It is excellent for teeth. I must not tell any more benefits. Just try and be amazed..!

As an anointment: Massage daily body with this blessed oil delays age, makes body powerful and healthy. Throughout history the strongest and heathiest sportsmen used to apply this oil over skin.

Its written in ancient texts that if a women eats olive fruit regularly after marriage. The children born to her will be very good natured and cheerful.

Benefits for skin,hair and nails: Its is simply beneficial to human body. Its a complete medicine for all.

This oil has powers to sheild human body from various radiations and magnetism effects. Some ancient texts repot that this oil can negate magnetism therefore in our times we must apply it on our bodies. Surrounded by electromagnetic radiations and weird frequencies we surely need a sheild!





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    Alhumdullilah true, we r so blessed to have the pure olive oil from Palestine.


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