How stupidity can make you ill

typography-poster-posters-quote Long ago in the company of a celebrated scholar these words just shocked me ” If you want to be healthy, the most important thing is to stop eating poison. If you stop eating poison then even eating less food will make you healthy. But if you keep eating poison along with all the exercise and superfoods you will not become healthy ever, such stupidity can make you ill! “


The beauty of a good life is to let go which doesn’t concern one. We waste most of our energy in pointless arguments, random thoughts and useless work which doesn’t concern us in any way. Instead of focusing on oneself we focus on the outer world loosing our energies and focus. This is complete loss!


We continuously feed our minds with poison. Yes poisoned thoughts. These countless thoughts keep draining all our focus and energy and when a time comes when we need our common sense, logic or wisdom whatever, we had already lost on things that were not even related to us in any way.

Mind is a very powerful thing. You can play with it or it will play with you and if it plays with you or let me paraphrase it “if you let it play with you then you are simply knock out!”

How we loses focus? how our motivation vanishes? the answer is very childish yet simple and very straight forward its “stupidity”.

It can!

We lose much of our focus the same way we could retain it. Amazed?

We lose our focus and motivation simply by useless talk. Another very common way to lose your motivation is by your gaze!. Yes you can experiment that. For a week try to keep calm and talk only things that really matter and ask yourself a question before talking anything. Before I share the question let me tell you its a priceless way to keep yourself motivated and focused.

Whenever you feel the urge to talk, ask yourself two questions.

  1. What will be the benefit If I say this?
  2. What benefit it will be when I will be at some other place?

These two questions will add a full stop to your otherwise draining focus and motivation.

Make you or break you!

Take example of two guys. One who keeps all his plans and secrets  with him. Only reveals necessary parts and hides his moves from competitors. He keeps his brain focused on his goals instead of talking his goals. Its basically psychology, when we reveal or talk things we lose interest in a way that we become weak in executing that very plans. Even if  we talk a lot about other things we lose hell lot of our mental capacity.

Stupidity: It can drain you and make you ILL!

These is a very old saying by military legend San Tzu that one must chose his or her battles wisely. A healthy person is one who has full focus. As long as the focus is good a person can be considered healthy. People will poor or weak focus have somewhere somehow unhealthy lifestyles.

Retain Focus and Motivation:

Keeping focus and motivation alive is the key to healthy living. An unfocused life is a distressful life and such a life attracts many more negativities. One must focus on doing least possible stupid acts in order to live a healthy life.

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