Vegan Cures for hair loss

Hair loss is something no one likes. It makes a person look aged, unsmart and unattractive. In todays inorganic world, hair loss cure is really possible although people think its hard to get hair back for many. Heavy chemicals in shampoos increase already weak hair loss. Lets checkout some Vegan cures for hair loss.

In mostly developed part of the world hair loss cure is way difficult to find than in Asian countries. The sole reason is lack of beleif on herbal medicine. people rush to chemical based producs which only make hair loss cure, worse.


Depression is another main reason that causes hair to fall and makes cure hard. In todays world social isolation has become a norm. It leads to depression and therefore hair loss. To cure hair loss we need to address all causes.


Here, we will provide you best of the best herbal and plant based remedies so you can recover your lost hair. Cure hair loss and make your personality shine again. yes it is really possible. Through Indian remedies.

Since ancient times, indian ayurvedic medicine is curing human health problems with simple organic medicine. Mostly plant and foods are used to cure.

Vegan cures for hair loss:

According to healers who focus on natural products to heal, the first step  is to stop using shampoo. Shampoo is the main reason behind your increased hair fall. As an alternative make a herbal shampoo yourself or get  a good herbal product from market. but it must be genuine product.

Second part is to focus on your diet. Most skinny and underweight people get brittle hair due to improper diet and eating less. Yogurt is an amazing food as well as its application on hair makes hair free of dandruff.


Another amazing remedy for dandruff is using honey as a gel. Yes! Apply half a tablespoon honey in wet hair and style your hair softly. Do this everyday and dandruf itching and other problems will vanish.

Regularly add 3 drops of Olive Oil to hair mantains hair color as well as make hair stronger and last longer. Many people make mistake when they load their hair with oil. It is not correct approach. You need just a little bit, three drops are enough.

For hair growth Coconut Oil does wonders. Apply coconut oil overnight and see results. regular application of coconut oil makes your hair grow fast. You can also aid your hair by including cocnut oil in your diet.

As far as diet is concerned, eating soaked almonds and raisins daily make hair stronger and beautiful. It enriches hair with important ingredients. Many people forget about the effect of diet on hair.

See here how we neglect our diet and that results in hair problems


Hair loss cure is really simple. there are many remedies which work well and cure your hair loss. The best amongst them is application of onion juice mixed with honey. it makes hair regrow even on bald spots.

Indian gooseberry and retha are two main ingredients of herbal shampoo. Try making your own herbal shampoo with these two things. You will be amazed how effective is your new organic shampoo.

Application of egg on hair also benefits hair. It is one of the best cures for hair loss. Indeed hair loss can be stopped by regular application of egg whites and egg yolk.

An excellent remedy to make hair retain color is to mix olive oil and kalonji oil in equal amounts and apply  3-4 drops daily after taking shower. Kalonji oil along with olive oi has amazing qualities to enhance hair quality, shine and these oils make the roots of hair stronger.

Moderation here is the key. Never apply any oil too much. Application of lots of oil causes burden on head, jams the root of hair and effects eyesight. Even experts advice to apply only some drops of oils on hair.


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