Guava Juice benefits

Cold Guava juice is extremely beneficial for all the hot Vegans in ths town!

This Vegan juice is the coolest thing for summers, Guava seeds are a treasure of iron, its plant the best thing to beautify hair and fruit an amazing cure as well as the best fruit for  digestion. 
We must utilize this gift of nature to keep our bodies healthy. Gauva Juice consumption strengthens facial muscles as well.

An amazing and delicious  Juice is probably the best thing you can have in summers. To cool down and keep calm in summers this juice is the best option.

Recipe for Guava Juice:


Guava (sweet) 1Kg

1Kg Sugar
1Kg water

Take 1Kg Guava, wash and cut. Then add 1 Kg water. Then boil or cook. Add 1 kg sugar.
No ready, put in bottle.

Whenever you want to drink Guava Juice. Take 2 tablespoon of this Sorbet and mix in 1 glass of water.

Guava Juice Benefits : Be delighted and fresh

It kills heat! Guava juice is an easy way to beat summer heat. Remember times when we feel so sweaty in hot summers. In that hard time we must drink Guava juice to feel fresh. Its benefits include refreshing brain and mind. It strengthens body to fight against heat. Guava juice helps cool down body and beat heat.

Once someone gifted 2 bottles of Guava Sorbet. In warm summers we used to drink and give it to our guests. Whoever drank this Guava juice was filled with delight and freshness.


Guava Fruit : Cure Old Health Problems

A man told about one of his elderly relatives. This person had severe constipation problem for many years. You can understand how hard life is for elders with such problems. He tried many medicine and visited many doctors but no improvement.

A herbal practitioner recommended him to try this Vegan remedy.

His Breakfast:

 He started to eat 500 gm fresh ripe Guava fruit daily. He used to make a salad type bowl in which he would cut small pieces of Guava and sprinkle over it some black pepper and little salt.

With the grace of God now he is living a very healthy life and gives credit to guava fruit. His constipation has completely cured. Now he is living a very active life. Now his digestion and overall health is way better.

Guava: Be healthy even in old age

He says this fruit has changed my life. Now my daily routine is to eat Guava with black pepper and little salt sprinkled on it. It cures my gas as well as constipation. My appetite has considerably improved. In this old age I am getting healthy with each passing day.


Guava Fruit to rescue:

Guava cures excess phlegm problem. It cuts phlegm out of body.

Grind Ajwain, then make a salad of Guava . Then sprinkle black pepper, salt, black cumin and Ajwain over it.
It is effective remedy for phlegm.


Guava Salad Appetite Increase:

Good news for body builders, skinny guys and underweight girls!

Guava fruit can help you gain weight by increasing your appetite. The main problem most newbie’s to gym encounter is lack of hunger. Low appetite causes more fat burning and skinny guys dishearten and exit gym.

In short you MUST increase your food intake to GAIN muscle, mass and weight.

Here is the RECIPE:

Guava sliced with lemon , Black Pepper , Little sugar . The sweet syrup formed by infusion of these foods will make your appetite great.

Guava Plant Leaves  Remedy For Swelling in Mouth:

You can cure mouth swelling easily by using Guava leaves. It is an easy home remedy.
Take a handful of guava leaves and cook in 1 Kg of water, gargle with this water 3 times a day to get rid of swelling.


Guava Plant For moving teeth:

Weak teeth are a concern for all. Once the teeth start to move it is an indication that your teeth have become very week and it can fall. Guava to the rescue again!

Take green guava leaves and gargles with it every night to make teeth strong.


For Acidity:
It cures acidity. It is the best diet for acidity patients. Many digestive problems are easily cured by Guava.


When you feel nausea:

Cut Guava fruit and smell its aroma. You will feel way better. It is an ancient cure for nausea.

Guava Plant Leaves: Amazing Cure for Injuries:

In rural areas people dry Guava Plant Leaves to cure injuries that do not heal easily are cured with Guava and Neem.

Procedure: Injuries which are not healing are washed with neem leaves water and then dried leaves of Guava Plant are sprinkled. It dries the injured area.
Guava Plant cures Mouth odor or smell:

Take misvak from Guava Plant and make a habit of doing miswak  as a brush daily. 

It makes the teeth stronger and whiter. It beautifies teeth and also cures swelling of Gum.

Remedy for Cough and Flu:

An old woman was searching curiously under Guava tree. When asked what are you searching for she replied that I am searching for some small fallen guava so that I may cure my young child. He has cough and nausea.

She was asked “how will you cure cough and flu with Guava”?
She said I will bury the small guava inside my traditional rural oven’s  hot sand  and after sometime I will take out the Guava  add a little honey to it and give it to my child to eat. It will cure my children’s cough and flu.

An amazing Vegan remedy

Guava Seeds Benefits:

Guava Seeds are treasures of Iron and important anti oxidants. Guava seeds can be used to enhance beauty and defy age. 

Its anti ageing properties are worth to be considered. Guava seeds are very precious for treating high blood pressure, cholesterol and other problems. In short, guava seeds provide numerous health benefits.
Small Guava Fruit: remedy for Cough and Flu

In rural areas, small, hard and unripe Guava Fruit is placed in clay pots and clay pots are left in tradition hot ovens overnight. 

The next day ashes of guava fruit are found inside the clay pot. This ash is used to treat cough and flu. A little bit honey is added to this ash and it does wonders to cure flu and cough.
Some Guidelines eating Gauva 

  •  Always Eat properly riped Guava with seeds.
  • Sprinkle Black Pepper and salt.
  • Don’t drink water or cold drink immediately after eating Guava. Wait for an hour.
  • Guava will visibly improve health.


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