Duck Eggs

Duck Eggs: A low cost and nutritious diet


Eggs have been used since centuries to warm body and get energy. People usually are unaware of advantages the blue colored duck eggs provide.

Eggs from poultry farms are used by children and eleders alike. But few are aware of the low nutrion content of these inorganic eggs.

Peple who are aware of the nutritional advantages of organic eggs prefer to buy only organic ones.


Blue eggs are usually not loved by masses as compared to chicken egg. Although it contains more protein, oils and vitamin A.

On the other hand it has more smell than chicken egg because it contains more Sulphur, Iron and Soda elements. It also contains more Iron, soda and thyamine and vitamin A than a hens egg.

Keeping in mind the high requirement of chicken egg in market the ducks provide a very good alternative.

The secret behind Blue Color Eggs

Contrary to chicken eggs, these eggs are of blue color because it contains lots of sulphur, iron and soda, the abundance of nutrition makes it colour bluish.

As far as its smell is concerned, we must keep in mind that it is due to the nutritional content.

It is an effective remedy for anemia, cough and flue as well as chest pain.

An amazing cure for people having old cough and phelgm problem,


Such patients must eat 3 raw eggs daily as breakfast or mix raw eggs into milk, this is an effective remedy.

Additional benefits of this breakfast are increased stamina and better brain function.

Now children will talk!

Some children talk very late or talk very less as compaed to children of same age.

An effective remedy to make children talk is:

Half fry a blue egg with olive oil and sprinkle on top of it salt and powdered Garden rue 1.5 gram as a breakfast for some weeks. This makes children speak with ease.

Why athletes prefer eggs!

Bodybuilders and other sportsmen prefer eggs, ever wondered why?


It is jus because nature has designed eggs in such a form that 100 percent of its constituents convert in energy providing substance for body.

So next time dont be amazed when a bodybuilder eats half a dozen eggs straight after a workout.

Duck Eggs Oil: Effective Remedy For Arthritis

Take 21 blue egg yellows/yolks and heat up in a  pan for 15 minutes.

It will make the eggs release oil.


This oil is an amazing remedy for joints and arthritis pains. Massage with this oil makes the bones heal.


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    Thanks for informing us about duck eggs.
    The color of the eggs is so pretty. can u find us some information about duck meat as well.

    • January 24, 2018 at 4:48 pm

      Sure will write an article on duck meat too!


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