Carrot leaves juice benefits

Even fitness enthusiasts are unaware of these greens. Carrot leaves juice is a low cost SUPER FOOD. It cures and benefits in night blindness, Jaundice and migraines. 

 Amazing for health enthusiasts on a budget. It repairs the human body post workout. Loaded with nutrients essential for human body.

a sweet food loaded with nutrients. Nature has gifted us with different color carrots along with its super rich leaves containing high amounts of proteins and minerals as well as vitamins.

Carrot Leaf Benefits Uses Health Advantages and Nutrients
These greens are treasures 

Medieval physicians researched on these greens make us learn about the abundance of Iron and Proteins many more times than meat. Old physicians and weight loss experts advised to always eat the green leaves.

Sadly, most of us are unaware of the benefits these leaves provide. We buy loads of carrots but throw the essential parts the green leaves into dustbin. Such bad practice has made the shopkeepers pluck leaves even before carrots come in to the market.

Nutrients that Carrot leaves provide:

Lets see the nutrients and essential elements these greenish substance provides us. Carrot roots contain 86 percent water, Protein .9 percent, Essential oil and fiber .2 percent, Iron 1.5 percent.

A handful of 90 grams leaves provide 12000 Vitamin A, 60 Vitamin B as well as 47 Calories.

Carrot Leaves Uses
Carrot Leaves Health Benefits Carrot Leaves Benefits

Its leaves contain 81 percent water, 5.1 percent protein, .5 Percent oil, mineral salts 2.8 percent, Fiber 8.3 percent, phosphorus.11 and Iron 3.8 percent.

Little amounts of thiamine, niacin, riboflavin , keratin and Ascorbic acid.

Carrot leaves also contain Iron, Essential mineral salts and proteins more than carrot itself.

While Carrot contains Vitamin A, Fructose and Fiber more than its leaves.

Did You Know It Repairs Human Body

Since ancient times Carrots are used to suppress hunger and to load body with energy. Physicians have always advised people to eat carrots for well being of body.

It is advised to eat Carrots with teeth. Eating it with hands and teeth make a very good exercise for our teeth, gums, digestion and eyes. It also helps the intestines.

Poor digestion, liver issues, swelling of stomach and decreased urination in all these cases a carrot salad with leaves provide an excellent remedy.


Radish and Carrot Leaf Juice

Radish carrot leaf juice benefits
Carrot Leaves Health Benefits Radish carrot leaf juice benefits

It proves to be a very good remedy for Jaundice patients.

  • Such patients can use 60 – 120 grams of Carrot leaf
  • 120-240 grams of Radish (muli) leaves.
  • Brown sugar

Crush these leaves and cook the juice at a low flame. Now add brown sugar and give to the patient every morning. It can also be drink twice a day. In morning and in evening.

How soaked nuts do wonders for your health 

How It Cures Migraine

Sometimes after flu and when we get colds, Migraine pain becomes unbearable.

Carrot leaves prove to be an excellent remedy for Migraine.

  • Take fresh Carrot leaf
  • Oil

Apply Oil on fresh Carrot Leaf. Now place the leaves in fry pan on a low flame for a minute or two. After that remove the leaves and crush them to get juice.

Now like a nasal drop, drop 5 to 7 drops of this juice into patients nostrils. Its a very effective cure for Migraine.

Night blindness and Health Benefits

In cases of night blindness when a person can not see well in night or cloudy weather. The juice of Carrot leaf as eye drops and regularly eating raw carrots improves eyesight.

Carrot Leaves Health Benefits Carrot leaves juice drops

A low Cost Super Food On A Budget

Health enthusiasts especially those Vegan guys and girls who avoid dairy or ones who are lactose intolerant must take full advantage of these greens.

This food will recover body from energy deficit as well as Carrot Leaves juice will give you calcium without dairy.

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    Yes, it also helps vision, and so also all other fruits have their health benefits. Thanks for sharing.


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