Bovine Colostrum Health Benefits


Bovine Colostrum is the latest addition in super food list yet it may be the most suitable item to top the list. It is an amazing supplement. Bovine colostrum is loaded with essential nutrients. It is the only food which growing babies rely on and it does wonders in growth and it builds the body.

Miraculous colostrum cure:

He was 18 years old.He was very skinny. He had extreemly low BMI that made him look like a skeleton.Many remedies were tried and tested but no benefits. He remained extremely weak and skinny.He was also an asthma patient.
He went to his ancestral village in India with family to visit relatives. When they reached the small village many villagers were there to greet the guest.
An elderly woman was also among the villages who had come to receive them. She was amazed at the weakness of the skinny boy. She said I know a medicine that is “Bovine Colostrum” It will cure this boy, I know this superfood which will make him healthy.

She asked the parents of the boy to not to worry as there were 3 cows in the village which were about to give birth. After two days the first cow gave birth to a calf. The colostrum milk was given to the boy in morning and evening. This was the first night that the the boy slept well after many restless nights.
Next week the other cow also gave birth.Again, the colostrum milk was given to the boy.
Chickpeas lentiswas cooked in colostrum milk and the mixture was cooked and preserved. Every morning and evening the boy was given one tablespoon chickpea preserved colostrum with a glass of warm milk. In a month the boy was cured. His color became very fair. he recovered miraclously.


Bovine Colostrum benefits are numerous and regularly taking bovine colostrum is a secret of longevity and health.It is a type of milk that mammals give for the first days after giving birth. It can be simply termed as a super food as it contains treasures of nutrients and supplements.  Here is a list.

Proteins Growth Factors IgG Sodium Chloride
Carbohydrates Antimicrobial compounds IgM Lipids
Calcium Immune Regulating Constituents IgA Potassium
oligosaccharides IGF-1 Vitam A Bioactive components



It can be compared to the famous nowadays whey proteins efficiency. Bovine colostrum is fit for consumption of athletes who fear last minute injuries. It is a scientifically proven energy booster. Recently athletes who outperformed all others in international games revealed they used this super food.

Bovine colostrums can be used to build lean muscle mass, boost immunity and burn body fat. These qualities make it best food for people who exercise regularly.

IGF found in Bovine Colostrum helps in building muscle by promoting muscle growth. It prevents gut problems during high intensity workouts.
Colostrum provides proper assimilation of nutrients in body. It helps athletes avoid last minute injuries and leaky gut syndrome.


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  • December 6, 2017 at 7:10 am

    I’m not psychologically ready to try bovin colostrum but I’m in good health…. maybe that would change if I was sick badly! Interesting post! (Y)


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