Black Friday 2017


Black Friday 2017 is about to come again. Yes we all spent hundreds of bucks last year on tv, mobiles and other accessories. But it did not help us in the long run. As most of the products only added weight to our cash counter as well as our bodies. Most of the things we are buying these days are making us more of couch potatoes.

Say No to Sedentary life this Black Friday 2017


Lets use Black Friday to be more Fit, Smart and Healthy this time! Amazed?

Lets see how black friday 2017 can be your first milestone towards your fitness goals.

First of all your target must be your list. Yes! the things you have always craved for and you are going to buy these things at amazing discounts this Black Friday 2017. Just take out a piece of paper and a pencil and sit down quitely in a corner. Now, make a list of the things you are going to buy.

Black Friday 2017
Make a List!

Then, take out another piece of paper and now  divide the paper into two coloumns. In the first column write all of the products that are going to make you more heavy, obese and unsmart. In the second one, write all the products that will make you more active, smart and healthy. Done!

This way you can easily figure out whether you are going to spend on your health or against your health. For example if you can buy a new treadmill or fitness accessories then do not go for a new tv on this Black Friday 2017. Instead spend money on the things that do not make your life sedentary.

Buy a Fitness Equipment instead of a TV

Listen! you can use that old tv for one more year and delay buying another new one until its necessary. BUT you can not get another golden year to shed weight, be smart and fit.

Instead of recklessly spending money on gadgets that make your life sedentary spend on fitness material. Buy a weighing machine, a treadmill a new pair of jogging shoes.

There is an unending list of products you can buy this Black Friday 2017 and turn this Black Friday 2017 into a fitness Friday.