Ayurvedic medicine for kidney stone


Ayurvedic medicine for kidney stone treatment is very effective. It makes one pass kidney stones in very few days.


Ayurvedic medicine for kidney stone
Ayurvedic medicine for kidney stone










Like many easy cures Ayurvedic Remedies that work instantly Even very old kidney stones pass very easily from human body when ayurvedic medicine for kidney stone is used.


The ingredients of ayurvedic medicine for kidney stone are as follows:


Qalmi Shora          (Salt Petre)  100 gm

Noshadar              (Ammonium Chloride) 50gm

Bhilawa                 (Semecarpus anacardium) 100gm

Jokhaar Asli          (Carbonate of Potash) 50 gm

Suhaga khaam     (Borax) 50 gm

Hajrul yahood       (Silicate of Lime) 50 gm

Poost retha          (Soapnut)       1


Directions to prepare ayurveic medicine for kidney stone.


Note: Its recommended to always consult a ayurvedic or herbal practioner when preparing a medication.


First grind Noshadar (Ammonium Chloride) and Suhaga (Borax,raw) into fine powder. Then grind Hajrul yahud (Silicate of Lime)  seperately turning it into in powder farm. Now remove the skin and seed of Retha (Soapnut) and grind it.


Now take a steel utensil/cooking pot and put Qalmi Shora(Salt Petre) in it and stove must be on high flame. Qalmi Shora will dissolve like water. Now add 3 to 4 Bhilawa, when you add Bhilawa the flames will become high inside the cooking pot.


Then add Noshadar, then add 3 to 4 Bhilawa  (Semecarpus anacardium) again it will cause high flames inside the cooking pot. Now add Jokhaar Asli (Carbonate of Potash) and add 3 to 4 Bhilawa . Now add Suhaga khaam (Borax) and then 3 Bhilawa.


When Bhilawa dissolve and liquid inside the pot becomes water like and yellowish, then remove the cooking pot from stove.


When the liquid dry, scratch it from the cooking pot and grind it. its colour will be white. Store in a safe place and eat one small pinch of this ayurvedic medicine for kidney stone this way:


One hour after Breakfast   1 pinch

One hour after Lunch        1 pinch

One hour after Dinner       1 pinch


Follow this routine and eat pinch of this ayurvedic medicine for kidney stone for some days upto 15 days. Even most rigid kidney stones will pass easily.


Ayurvedic medicine treats many ailments easily. Kidney stones disease is a very common problem worldwide.


This is a very popular Ayurvedic medicine for of kindey stone treatment. It has many other benefits also. It cures hysteria and kidney pains it also cures swelling in weak parts of human body. Ayurvedic cures many common ailments with much ease Ayurvedic cures Indians swear by.

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