9 Vegan Remedies: Cure Nausea, Angina, Sunburn, Anxiety, Eyesight, Constipation, Appetite and Hiccups

Proven Vegan Remedies and Cures for many ailments. 

Cinnamon honey angina

Angina: Cinnamon honey remedy 

A reader sent a message, I am a doctor by profession, I had heart problem, read about cinnamon honey thing. I prepared the mixture by hand. Crushed cinnamon and mixed it with honey. I took this for about a month. In the morning and in evenings half tablespoon daily. I feel amazingly fresh. No angina pain. No running to hospital.  I advice it to all my readers.


2. NauseaAmazing cure for nausea, Handkerchief?

Alternate cures medicine
Alternate cures medicine


Days back, I felt terrible; nausea… could not bear…

My mother prepared a thing for me and I reluctantly drank it but it did wonders. Soon I got better. Got rid of nausea.

Here is the recipe

Some mint, 3 little cardamoms, 1 tbsp fennel seeds now put all these things in a container and add 2 glass water then cook.

Let it cool and drink.

Along with it mom cut a lemon into four pieces and sprinkled salt and black pepper over it. She asked me to keep licking it. Also she put a handkerchief tied above my wrist.

A handkercheif tied to wrist has been a popular centuries old cure for nausea.


3. Sunburn: Cure with Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Extract Remedy
Aloe Vera Remedy

A reader sent this query,

Whenever we go to seaside our skin color becomes weird the next day. Sometimes burning sensation also occurs. Doctors term it as sunburn. Kindly tell some effective remedy. We cannot miss going to seaside on weekends.


Seaside sunlight causes burning sensation. Aloe Vera is very beneficial. When you come back home from seaside take a bath and dry your body with towel.

Cut an Aloe Vera, get its gel and then apply Aloe Vera gel on your body parts that are affected.

It’s the best remedy for sunburn. Even the creams claiming to cure sunburn contain Aloe Vera gel. You can also apply this gel on face. You will feel better.


4. Anxiety And Fear Remedy 

Anxiety and Fear Remedy Cure by Diet
Anxiety and Fear Remedy Cure with Diet

A reader sent this long message. I actually have a problem of fear and anxiety. Whenever I leave for office in the morning I started getting fear of things, people and work. In office I always feel frightened over the quality of my work. Is it substandard? Will I get fired? When I come back home I feel fear of my family members. Please tell a cure.


You can overcome these problems easily. Just change your dietary habits.

Eat barley oats cooked in milk with honey everyday for breakfast.

In Lunch eat a bowl of veggies with yoghurt.

Before going to bed drink a glass of milk with a pinch of cinnamon. Nothing is better for anxiety that this one.

Whenever you leave your house, have belief in God, and saying is believing,   Say these words once

“With God’s name I start, I have full faith in Him, There is no might or power except Him “

Countless number of anxiety patients have recovered by this powerful line. Recite and your fear will vanish.


5. Eyesight: Improve Vision with Carrots,black pepper and salt

Yes? And also you don’t want to waste thousands of bucks on surgery.

We have an amazing cure for your eyes. CARROTS. Yes!


This is an old recipe it has proven to restore eyesight in less than two months. BUT

Regularity is MUST.

Take dark red Carrots. Cut them in fine slices. Now sprinkle powdered black pepper and salt. A little bit!

Now leave the carrot slices in a safe dry place under open sky!

Yes open sky… Then eat it. Breakfast must be done after an hour after eating this.

Eating this carrot slices dish will make your eyesight improve in just 40 days. You hate your glasses? Let’s start.


6. Constipation

My son is 30 years old. He has very bad constipation problem. Always has burp and mouth odor. Doctor’s medicine benefit very few days. Please tell a cure.

You have to change diet of your son. Make him a bowl of salad. In winters cook him turnip with meat.

Also, a very good remedy is to soak 6 Plums and 4 figs. In the next morning, eat the figs and Plums one by one and drink the remaining water. It is an extremely beneficial remedy for constipation.

After eating this on empty stomach wait for at least 30 minutes, then eat your breakfast..

Fig is one of the greatest gifts of nature. Eating 2-3 figs after each meal cures many digestive disorders.


7. Appetite: Increase appetite with Apples

Take a sour apple, juice it and use this juice with flour to prepare Arabic flat bread. Prepare every day one flat bread and eat it. You will develop a very good hunger and subsequently increase your appetite. No need to go to doctors for weight gain medicine.


8. Hiccup Cures

A caller from China asked to cure hiccups.


Firstly, divert the attention of patient to something pleasant.

Then ask them to drink water

Chewing sugarcane also helps curing hiccups.

You can make turmeric cigarette by placing powdered turmeric in a piece of paper and then inhale its odor. It is a fast cure.

Also, 3gm kalonji seeds with a spoon full of butter also prove to be an efficient remedy.


 These 9 Vegan Remedies are infact treasures.






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