9 Vegan Cures: Black Pepper Magic

Throat problem Easy Cures

Q.For past 5 to 6 years I have throat problem. In daytime it is fine ,also during night its fine but when I wake up in the morning I feel uneasiness in throat and  phlegm makes me rush to the bathroom. Please tell some herbal cure.

A. Almond and black pepper are known remedies for throat problems.Easy cures.

Take 3 Almonds and 3 Black Pepper.

At dawn time,on empty stomach, eat one almond ehw well and then eat one black pepper. Chew and eat.

Then second Almond and Second black Pepper,chew and eat

Likewise , Third Almond and Third Black Pepper,chew well and eat.

After 15- 20 minutes do your breakfast. You will be fine by using this remedy. Avoid phlegm producing foods.Its one of the easy cures.


Burn Mark

Q. My daughter has a burning mark on her arm. After many months it is still there and not disappearing.It looks very bad. Please tell a cure.Some easy cures.


A.  Apply aloe vera on the mark twice a day. In night before going to sleep massage glycerin regularly, Do this for 3-4 weeks and you will see the results.Its one of easy cures.


Q.  I have digestion problem. Whenever I eat food I have to rush to toilet. Used many medicines but no benefit. I have stopped taking all medicine now. Please help with some easy cures.

A. Go to supermarket and buy 3-4 white onions. Full WHITE ONIONS.

De-skin cut into fine pieces, let dry and then place in sunlight to eliminate moisture. Now grind it finely.


Use this grinded mixture 1/2 tablespoon or 1 tablespoon with youghurt two times a day. Avoid masala and fried food.

Eat this grinded mix with youghurt with boiled rice. You will feel better in 2-3 days.

Another remedy that has been beneficial for serious diestive problems is Bael Fruit Preserve or Bael murabba.
After each meal eat a little Bal fruit preserve. It works wonders for digestive problems.It is one of the easy cures.

A chutney for digestive excellence:

For curing weak digestion in summer season Easy cures:


Mint leaves 1 cup, White cumin 1 tbsp, Dried pomegranate 3 tablespoon (Anardana) , Black pepper 7 , Green pepper 4 , little bit salt.

Grind all these to make a tasty chutney. Eat this a little bit in morning and evenings to make your digestion excellent.Its an easy cure.


Q. Amazing remedy for many skin problems. Itching, pimples, rash and other issues.Easy cures:

Take 15 buds of neem, add 5-7 black peppers and then crush and eat. You can make it like a capsule and eat.Easy cure fore you.

Eat on empty stomach when you wake up. Eat for 7 days. During this time eat Gram Flour bread (roti) with clarified butter. Do not eat meat . You can eat chickpeas. All skin problems will vanish. Give it a try.


Q. Few days ago, parents of a little girl came to my place. They were really worried. Their daughter had constipation problem from  many days. I was really touched by her condition. She was passing stool only after 4 or 5 days. She had become very weak. She was having severe constipation..Please tell some easy cures.


A. I told them to remove seeds of 5 big dried grape (munaqqa). Take these seedless 5 munaqqain and soak in 1/2 cup warm water. When munaqqa starts to swell or absorbed good amount of water then give these 5 munaqqa to girl and ask her to eat and chew well after eating drink this remaining water.One of the easy cures.

In two weeks she recovered and constipation vanished. She got well.

Small children can be given munaqqa water.An easy cure.


Arthritis effective cures and proven remedies and easy cures:

Turmeric has been given by nature anti pain qualities. To releif from pain in arthritis turmeric can be used.

Take half tablespoon Turmeric (powdered)  and half tablespoon Ginger and put both in 2 Cups of water and cook for fifteen minutes on lower flame. After cooling

After cooling add honey as per taste and drink two time a day.

Another remedy,

One tablespoon powdered turmeric mix with a glass of milk. Add one tablespoon honey. Drink morning and evening. It is an effective remedy to releif from arthritis pain.It is an easy cure.

Clove Oil Easy Cures

Daily eating using clove oil helps fight swelling in joints easy cures. Also, people who drink little bit clove oil get cured easily from arthritis Clove oil contain extreemly benefecial anti oxidants that heal bones.

Ginger the excellent remedy

In arthritis ginger proves to be an effective food. in ancient times ginger was cooked on fire to recover from arthritis and it was known to work.
Cut Ginger finely and let dry. Now boil the dried ginger in two cups water. When it becomes like tea then add honey and sugar. It is most effective remedy.One of the easy cures.

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