Attitude That Makes  You Attractive

These 5 things make a person center of attraction. Each of us experiences in life that some people have magnetism inside them which makes others attract towards them. Is it natural, by birth? In many cases Not! .We see our our school mates and old friends after some time and some happen to be more attractive and few seem very less attractive than they happened to be in the past. So if was natural then why some people with passage of time become less attractive and some become more attractive? .Research tells us that things which attract human beings to each other vary. But most common things that are

Research tells us that things which attract human beings to each other vary. But most common things that are source of attraction are visible and one can easily follow these traits to become more attractive. Some people only focus on certain areas in life, although they get

Some people only focus on certain areas in life, although they get attraction of people because of this certain thing but once people look at other spheres of their life they seem zero. You must have seen many fitness geeks having scluptured bodies but they lack miserably in other areas. They seem so obsessed with their bodies that they have left their careers, studies and relationships behind. Another downvote for attraction.

So what are 5 things that make you instantly attractive

here they are


People feel attracted to those personalities who have balanced minds. They give due share to all activities in life. Not obsessed by only one or two. They give good time to their families and friends and on their time of work they give hundred percent.

They are the ones who care for their close ones and don’t leave them behind. Balance makes a person attractive due to the fact that their personalities seem as a whole person. Sort of fullness. A complete personality. One who can be trusted. Balance and trust are key traits that make a person reliable and people feel attracted to them.

The way you speak

The way you address people. Do you respect elders while talking? do you have sense to how to talk with teachers and can you differentiate when you talk with your siblings and your friends. The point is if you know how to talk and when to talk and when not to talk you have mastered the greatest source of attraction. People tend to attract towards respectfull persons. Abusive guys are a big downvote.

Harsh treatment makes people go away. No matter how good you are if you dont care about the way you speak people will start going away from you. Your way of speaking makes the other person judge your thinking. Be carefull when you speak and try to speak less.

Talkative people seem fine at first but soon they start losing attraction. Keeping silent is a great way to make people attract towards you. And afterall who likes a talking parrot always shouting bla bla.

Most people loose all attraction during anger or heated arguments. Once they become abusive all attraction goes to zero.

Be athletic

It does not mean you make gym your home but to be active. You must be really attractive if you want people to be attracted towards your personality. No one likes lethargic and slow people. being active makes your mind sharp and you become intelligent.Intelligence is what everyone gets attracted to.

Being active shows life inside you. It indicates youthfullness. Energetic and hardworking people are always liked by all. A muscular body and more than a muscular body a slim fit person can aslo be attractive if they are very active.


keep doing new amazing things. Go visit the attractions of city. keep changing your hobies little bit. Become a sort of unpredictable. Go to tours, hiking and camping. If you are know for your athletic habits then try going to libraries for a change. Always keep doing diverse things. No matter you have studied accounting all your life, you can still enroll in a cooking class or become a chef.

Novelity defines how diverse your personality. It makes you amazingly attractive and sought after. Everyone likes fresh breeze. You dont have to conquer Rome, you just have to do small little diverse things. Even changing your attite, glasses and shoes regularly indicates colours of your personality. People get bored of watching a person in same type of clothes. Wear a latest new type of fashion. You will understand yourself how it attracts.

Be carefree

It is the biggest source of attraction. Never worry what your friend has got and how he is going upstairs in life. Let them enjoy life. Many people loose their attraction when they try to keep sticking to old friends. Old friends,sorry to say ,despise them now. Status is a very amazing factor in life. It shows the true face of many. But being care free is mastery. No one can make you less important if you dont simply care.

In daily life a person is bound to get more value when he does not sneak into what other people are doing. The beauty of a persons life is to be carefree of what that does not concern him.

These habits will develop your personality. 

Its this “attitude that makes you attractive”. Leave what does not concern you. Useless talks, selfish friends and unnecessary habits. Try to be carefree of the things now which you will regret in the future.






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  • August 17, 2017 at 5:07 pm

    Great article! I underrate clothing and fashion and I’m taking to heart the carefree business! 🙂



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