Weight Loss Program Ayurvedic Remedy

Weight Loss Program Curing Obesity with Ayurvedic Remedy Drink:

 An outstanding Ayurvedic weight loss remedy that has proven benefits. Cure Obesity within a month by using this drink consisting of simple yet effective ingerdients..an Ayurvedic remedy that cures obesity. Todays post is your sip by sip guide towards health and wellness.

Weight Loss Program Curing Obesity with miracle drink.


A reader sent a query she looked really upset and I was touched by her anxiety.  Prepared a miracle tea for her weight loss program.

First let’s read the query


My weight is increasing day by day am 18 years old. Suddenly started to gain fat. By the way I love coffee.. but it doesn’t make fat? How can I be slim? Any weight loss program curing obesity for me?





You must have been regularly consuming fried food, rice and loads of sugar.

But don’t worry! I have a miraculous recipe.



Get white cumin, crush it a little bit, to just two three pieces…

Now boil water.

In one cup water, put less than a half tablespoon of white cumin. Now cook like tea.

Then sieve, add half tablespoon honey and half lemon’s juice squeeze in it.Only drink this tea in morning


You can also drink this tea in evening to speed up the process.

When you see desired weight decrease then stop drinking this tea.


Never ever eat a weight loss medicine. Eat salad in lunch. Decrease appetite slowly. Daily walk half an hour in the morning and evening to get best results.



Natural cure:

How Vitamin D can make you shine

Human body contains different types of vitamins of which vitamin D is fat soluble vitamin. It is present in food and enters body through intestines. Vitamin D helps getting calcium and phosphorus. It also prevents parathyroid growth which absorbs calcium from bones. Vitamin D checks proportion of calcium and phosphorous in blood.

Ayurvedic remedy:

Experts term it as a vital source of bone health and structure. Vitamin D helps body to stay erect. Lack of vitamin D is dangerous for human health.

Guys and girls with good postures, vibrant glowing complexions and amazing mood have it all from Vitamin D. It is the sole vitamin responsible for your perfect bone , skin and mental state. Lacking D means lacking life.


Sunlight is the biggest source of Vitamin D which nature provides.. It can also be supplemented with diets and medicine. Vitamin D naturally exists in very few foods. Different types of fish like Solomon, tuna and its liver oil contains large amounts of vitamin D.

Egg, yolk and cheese also contain D.

Naturally vitamin D is produced in our bodies with exposure to sunlight. Lack of vitamin D occurs when human body is deprived of sunlight, lack of Vitamin D in food as well as problems of liver and kidney also cause lack of Vitamin D.

Aged people’s skin is less capable of producing vitamin D. especially those who spend their entire day inside their homes develop serious lack of Vitamin D.


What to do?

The answer is, “EASY WAY OUT “Yes really easy way out is easy way out. Every week try to get twice or thrice get into sunlight. Have it shine on your skin. But don’t overdo . 20- 30 minutes every week two or three days. And you are done!



Iron Deficiency Cure:

Out of Box Ayurvedic remedy: Cure iron deficiency in body. Material of cooking utensils:


In old days, milk was boiled in large iron pans. It was a norm in Asian countries.

Modern research has discovered that food cooked in iron utensils help cure iron deficiency.

Other minerals like bronze or silver were also used for cooking back then.


Similarly, clay pots were also used to cook and store food.  Resulting in nutrients from clay entering into food. And subsequently becoming part of body.

Many years back I saw really weird thing.

A giant sized pan.


Weird isn’t?


What was it used for???



It was used for boiling milk, milk was boiling and it had a very thick cream on surface. People were using clay pots to fetch that cream from the pan and eating it along drinking warm milk. It tasted marvelous, delicious and amazing. I never had such milk ever again in my life. Even without sugar, it had a unique taste. AND!



The real thing, it was full iron as it had been cooking at very temperature in that iron pan. So I cured my iron deficiency as well!



Wooden Glass Cure


Someone asked me about wooden glasses that cure diabetics…



Amazed right? It is a proven Ayurvedic remedy

I am here to amaze you but with correct  information only.


In Bengal, a tree is found namely the bael Fruit or more commonly known as belgary in hindi.Glasses are made from tis wood and it is easily available in areas near Bengal.




Water is kept in these glasses for some time  and they drink it after some time period. The water gains some type of property that it helps to stop sugar in urine. I have seen these glasses and got very good reviews  about  these.  From diabetic patients who regularly drink from these glasses.


Writing this for all diabetic patients looking for alternative methods to control sugar. This one is really easy and also very cheap.

Also, bael fruit is very good for digestion. A drink is also made from it. Its fruit is delicious. When eaten after meals it aids in digestion.



Heal Bones:

Ayurvedic remedy: Potion that heals bones


Few weeks back, a reader called me. He had fallen from stairs and he was alone at home. He had hurt his back really bad…

I told him to drink a glass of warm milk with sugar and 1 tablespoon turmeric.

First, he was hesitating as he was unaware of the healing powers of turmeric, but drank on my insistence.

Next day he called me and thanked a lot!

He was amazed the way this magic potion worked.


Turmeric is being used since ancient times to cure injuries.

Even tuberculosis patients’ when given turmeric milk daily along with their medicines their healing rate increases manifold.


An excellent Ayurvedic remedy benefit!


It helps fight cancer. Its yellow particles are known to attack and kill cancer cells.


For old women and men:

In winters, many of our elders complain of intensity of cold. There is something turmeric can do about it!

In winter season, halava or sweets made up of turmeric is very beneficial. It also helps relieve any pain in joint and bones.



Raw turmeric is crushed and cooked in milk. Semolina and Gram flour halva is made from sugar , nuts and turmeric.

It is a very good recipe for bone problems, osteoporosis and elders who feel very cold during winters.


Turmeric also prevents cancer of colon. Ancient physicians advised people to make it part of daily diet. This is the main reason many Asian recipes have turmeric in them.

Ayurvedic remedy: Beneficial massage

Turmeric is burnt in oil. This oil is then used for massage. It’s very effective remedy for old injuries and swelling.



Cure Ulcers Ayurvedic remedy


Cure Ulcers with Bananas Ayurvedic remedy:


This one is really simple and equally beneficial Ayurvedic remedy.

Cut unripe bananas very fine. Then let dry in some dry place. When dried, use hand crusher to grind till powdered from.
Caution: Do not use electrical grinders as it will make the mixture loose its quality.



Use this powder ½ tablespoons two times daily with a glass of water.

You can take it once in morning once in evening.

Use this and do give your feedback.


Wellness Breakfast:

Ultimate breakfast for wellness an effective Ayurvedic remedy

Cure Constipation easily

Gain perfect health and shape


Fig is an amazing cure for constipation.

Soak 7 seven dried figs overnight and the next morning eat the seven figs and drink the remaining water. This is the best remedy of constipation herbal healers suggest.

Another excellent Ayurvedic remedy is to drink warm milk in night after eating dried figs.


An excellent anti oxidant breakfast!

Yes here we share with you a breakfast that is synonymous with the quote you often hear

“Eat  diamonds in the breakfast and shine all the day!”

Yes you can
Eat five almonds and five figs daily with a glass of honey water. It does wonders to health and skin if continuously done. Moreover, it is highly anti oxidant enriched and full of nutrients.



  1. It’s wonderful to have natural approaches to incorporate into health care planning, but I do have a small concern. Whether a synthetic (pharmaceutical) substance or natural substance is used, the best approach addresses the ROOT CAUSES and not simply the symptoms. Health maladies are typically the result of multiple issues. Unless a PLAN OF ACTION is created to address the various components involved, sub par health will remain an issue.